ALTYOU 30 Day Experience

ALTYOU 30 Day Experience

• Eight Kinesis Classes
• Four Meditation Classes
• One 1-on-1 Personal Training Session
• One 1-on-1 Kaizen/Meditation Session

Good for first time sign ups only.


Our movement practice emphasizes function. We begin each session by setting our intentions during a gentle Tai Chi inspired warm-up. After readying both the mind and body, we move into the centerpiece of our training sessions with our Kinesis Class, 3-D functional resistance training protocol. Our equipment, Italian designed and impeccably manufactured, is undoubtedly the best exercise equipment for mindful movement, and ALTYOU is proud to be the first in the Buffalo/Niagara region to offer this incredible resource. With Kinesis, every muscle in the human body is engaged and strengthened with carefully selected movements, presented at a pace that promotes endurance.

After challenging the body with our functional resistance training protocol, we engage in a proprietary movement practice that unites the mind and body. Using implements handcrafted from natural materials — including granite bowls and rope-tied stone — participants are challenged in a variety of exercise sequences that promote focus, balance and body awareness. Developed by our founders, this style of training is entirely original and is incredibly effective in improving both physical and mental fitness.

To conclude our movement sessions, we introduce “restful awareness” with meditation. Our practice leads to peak performance physically, mentally, and emotionally. This nurturing time in our day rounds out an incredible hour of friends sharing in the experience of building better versions of themselves.