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“Made me stronger, leaner, and more relaxed”
Kinesis & Meditation

AltYou is unlike any other fitness routine i’ve experienced.AltYou has made me stronger, leaner and more relaxed in my everyday life. The one thing that I love the most is the variety of the exercises on just one machine! The 5 minute meditation is the perfect cool down and helps me either unwind from my day or gets my day started on the right track.


“Challenging and non-jarring”
Kinesis & Meditation

I have successfully engaged in many types of exercise over many years. AltYou is a great alternative workout for those who are sick of the usual gym. The workout which is cable bast workout is challenging and non jarring to your joints and body. You leave there feeling accomplished physically thanks to the great trainers and mentally thanks to a meditation sequence to end the workout . Great place, great people and I highly  recommend you check them out!


“…It Got Me Back Into Working Out…”
“…the pinnacle of workouts…”

I have successfully engaged in many types of exercise over many years. The Kinesis classes at ALTYOU are the pinnacle of workouts! The class is a unique, whole-body, effective workout that has changed and shaped my body in a short-period of time.After switching out my pilates reformer class for a Kinesis class for 6 weeks, I found that I gained far more strength than I ever had in 5 years of pilates reformer. I was stronger, toner, leaner, more able, more balanced, and more symmetrical than ever before. In addition, I was amazed at how, despite the challenging workout, I felt centered and calm after each class. The Kinesis classes at ALTYOU are the perfect balance of Mind-Body Movement.


“…the ultimate non-impact, functional, total body workout…”

Having been a lifelong dancer, runner, and fitness enthusiast, I am pleased to attest that Kinesis is the ultimate non-impact, functional, total body workout. Followed by a short meditation I leave feeling strong, focused and serene.My balance, core and general body strength have improved in a short amount of time. The mindfulness focus of ALTYOU translates into all aspects of my life. Having knowledgeable instructors in a small class setting results in a one-on-one type of training experience.


“…made a significant difference in my life…”

I’ve been a yoga teacher for 20 years, read books on meditation, and used apps for meditation. But it wasn’t until I started taking meditation classes at AltYou with Rick Leugemors that I truly started to learn about the four ancient types of meditation, how they differ from each other, how to practice each one, what to expect while practicing and afterwards, and how to strengthen a home practice. Rick’s in-depth knowledge and guidance, combined with the welcoming, serene space at AltYou, has made a significant difference in my life, providing me with the amazing benefits of meditation in a way no app could ever deliver. It’s been the best gift I could ever give myself.


“Amazing work out”

Amazing work out and great for mental health too. You will fall in love with this! Try it out!

Lisa Y