30 Days for 30 Tiny Changes

30 Days for
30 Tiny Changes

Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Typically, people make big, audacious goals that require tremendous amounts of energy, new knowledge and skills — as well as exhausting supplies of discipline and willpower to implement and maintain. In addition to the overall magnitude and complexity of these goals, we tend to focus on just one area of change. It’s no surprise that most of these resolutions fail.

A Better Way: 30 Days for 30 Tiny Changes

If you really want to feel better and improve the overall quality of your life, try this: make one resolution to make 30 tiny changes. We call it 30 Days for 30 Tiny Changes.

With 30 Days for 30 Tiny Changes, you will:
• Achieve success each day
• Require much less discipline and time
• Cover all areas of self-improvement
• Experience the synergy of a multifaceted approach

30 Days for 30 Tiny Changes is based on kaizen, a term that means continuous improvement, and is centered around the idea that big changes are gradually made in small steps.

The process works because it’s simple: you’re only committing to small, actionable tasks or assignments that are easy to accomplish.

How It Works

• We will email you one small, actionable task or assignment from one of the eight categories: NOURISH-MOVE-PURIFY-RELAX-NOTICE-SMILE-CONNECT-SLEEP
• We will rotate each category throughout the challenge assuring that progress is being made in all eight areas of wellness
• Some of the tasks or assignments might be done just once for that day while others might be an action or a habit to be done each day going forward
• You will need to post on either Facebook and tag @ALTYOU or Instagram and tag @ALTYOUwilliamsville showing what you did each day of the challenge. This allows us to easily track your progress and help hold you accountable throughout the Kaizen Challenge. If you don’t have social media that’s okay! Email your daily updates to Jill at jill@altyou.net.

Sign Up Today

To sign up and commit to this challenge, simply email us at info@altyou.net.

You will be asked to make a pledge ranging from $30-$100. When you complete all 30 days of the challenge (while consistently posting your commitments and progress to any of your social media accounts), we will credit the full amount of your pledge to your ALTYOU account, or provide you with a gift certificate equal to your pledge that you can give to a friend or family member.