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From homes to hospitals, Intellipure® air purifiers eradicate harmful particles with unmatched efficiency. Handcrafted in Central New York by the industry’s top innovators.

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Dry Farm Wines offers a 100% happiness promise on every selection. We are so confident in the quality of our wines, we will never make anyone pay for a wine they don’t love. We replace any bottle, no questions asked.

All of our wines are lab tested to ensure they are:

  • Sugar Free (< 1g/L)
  • Lower Sulfites (< 75ppm)
  • Lower Alcohol (< 12.5%)

All of our wines are also:

  • Grown Organically/Biodynamically
  • Low Carb-Friendly
  • Dry Farmed/Irrigation Free
  • Fermented with 100% Wild, Native Yeast
  • Handcrafted/Small Batch
  • Old World International Natural Wines
  • Paleo & Keto-Friendly
  • Free of Industrial Additives
  • Grown From Older Vines