1. What makes altYou so different?

Using equipment only found at our facilities, ALTYOU provides a unique movement format that improves strength, balance, flexibility and stamina while avoiding the overuse injuries that occur from high intensity exercise routines and traditional weight training formats. With respect for our minds and bodies, our workout atmosphere has been carefully curated for both comfort and concentration, free of agitating lights, sound and contrived room temperature. We emphasize a kinder, gentler more natural approach to becoming healthy and fit.

2. What results will I achieve? 

We have been studying exercise science and health trends for decades and have put together an ideal blueprint for comprehensive wellbeing. Our total body workout provides our members balanced physical fitness, our meditation and mindfulness practice supports clarity, emotional agility and lowered stress, while our continuous improvement culture assures attention and growth in all areas of personal wellness.

3. How long are the Signature Kinesis sessions?

Our Signature Kinesis experience focusing on mindful movement and shorter periods of meditation is a 55 minute session.

Our Meditation sessions are 45 minutes.

4. How many participants are in a session?

With an emphasis on personal attention and results, our Signature Kinesis has no more than 8 participants.

Our carefully designed Meditation space has no more than 8 participants for safety, comfort and focus.

5. What type of equipment will I be using?

Our Signature classes are comprised of choreographed routines using a variety of equipment including Technogym’s Kinesis One and ALTYOU’s proprietary implements both carefully combined with selected movements inspired by the practices of Yoga and Tai chi.

6. Why is combining movement with meditation and mindfulness important?

Humans evolved moving with a mindful intention during daily tasks, hunting and gathering, as well as exploring with curiosity their surroundings. Many of today’s modern exercise formats have us distracted in contrived environments and overly concerned with the measurement of superfluous data. At ALTYOU we emphasize natural movement on our feet with a variety of multifaceted movement sequences that require concentration and intention.

7. Will you provide diet/nutrition advice?

No we will not give specific diet/nutrition advice. As you explore our 7 fundamentals of wellness you will be introduced to a variety of eating styles but more importantly a more comprehensive approach to overall wellness supported by our staff and member community.

8. What is Kaizen and the altYou 7 fundamentals of wellness?

Kaizen is the Japanese term form “continuous improvement”. At ALTYOU, members are encouraged to work on a variety of wellness fundamentals after returning home after classes each week. Small, actionable tasks and recommendations are provided to our entire community and by harnessing the collective knowledge and support of fellow members, personal goals are remarkably more achievable and sustainable.