Bob Gosch: The Man Behind ALTYOU

Bob Gosch
The Man Behind altYou

altYou was created by Bob Gosch, a veteran in the fitness industry with over 40 years of experience ranging from a national-champion bodybuilder to an accomplished personal trainer. Having owned five successful health and fitness facilities, he has witnessed industry trends come and go because they didn’t address the most powerful driver of human performance — the mind.

While Bob has always employed a comprehensive approach to wellness, he solidified the altYou process during a personal bout with cancer. After successfully going into remission with minimal side effects from treatment, Bob realized that anyone could benefit from this approach to achieve resiliency and self-improvement in all areas of life.

Just as he encourages his clients to live curiously, Bob employs the same mindset to his own life and fitness philosophy. He regularly invests his time, resources, and energy into advancing the altYou program, ensuring each component is supported by the latest research for maximum results.

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